The Montessori Group is committed to the pursuit of a wide variety of education, child wellbeing, family and parent and of course, “Montessori” research activity. With support, involvement and funding for projects ranging from initial practitioner studies through to large-scale data gathering explorations, we hope to contribute to the vitally important conversations and sector insight that shapes and drives our educational practices and opportunities for children, young people and educators of tomorrow across the world.

Wherever possible we approach research projects and initiatives collaboratively; making extensive use of our global connections to draw together like-minded and high-quality practitioners and researchers, all leaders in their field.

Following the launch of the International Montessori Institute with Leeds Beckett University’s Carnegie School of Education, the Montessori Group is proud of the commitment to impactful and innovative research activity that is now secured within a robust and academically rigorous, UK university research centre. The International Montessori Institute works with global partners to undertake research to advance knowledge and understanding of Montessori education and to improve professional practice in order to enhance the educational experience of children.

Current research themes, very much rooted in the work of Dr Montessori, are:

  • Education for opportunity, social inclusion, and reconstruction
  • Montessori in across and through the primary phase
  • Excellence in early education
  • Global, peace education

Through this depth of research the Institute and the Montessori Group seek to inform education policy both, nationally and internationally, to advance outcomes for children, drawing on a range of research methodologies and approaches.

We believe that the Montessori philosophy can make a significant contribution to the needs of contemporary society and the child of the 21st century.

James Archer, Centre Director at the International Montessori Institute

We believe that the Montessori philosophy can make a significant contribution to the needs of contemporary society and the child of the 21st century.

James Archer, Centre Director at the International Montessori Institute

Current Projects:

  • Researchers at the International Montessori Institute are currently undertaking textual analysis studies, interrogating the seminal work of Dr Montessori to explore lessons for contemporary practice.
  • Members are also looking at early years practitioner hope and how, if at all, it has been sustained during the COVID19 pandemic.
  • Future plans relating to longitudinal studies that look at the impact of the Montessori approach on pupil attainment and achievement are also in discussion. This is intended to support a holistic view, seeking to fully understand the impact of the method on the child’s lived experiences.

Current Opportunities – May 2021:

The Montessori Group are launching a dedicated European Research Fund of 90,000 EUR.

The Fund hopes to support innovative and inspirational research activity to explore the potential for the Montessori Approach in practice for the 21st century. It is of vital importance to the Montessori Group, who will fund the projects, that the voices of practitioners, researchers, educational leaders and of course, children and students are nurtured and supported to guide and influence the shape of educational practice and the application of the Montessori philosophy for our modern world.

It is hoped that the Fund will be of interest to Montessori practitioners who are keen to lend their voice and experience to provide first-hand insight into the many, many different scenarios faced within the real-life application of Montessori practice in 2021 and beyond. We are particularly keen to hear from early-career and experienced researchers seeking to work collaboratively within a like-minded community.

The Montessori Group’s European Research Fund applications panel remain mindful of the United Nations sustainable development goals and will be particularly keen to support projects representing a broad diverse community and through which the impact of research and innovation can be directly seen to improve lives and opportunity for those in areas of socio-economic deprivation and address challenges faced by developing countries.

The projects will be considered and selected on the basis of an alignment with the collaborative research approach central to our delivery of research activity within our International Montessori Institute.

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