The Association for the Promotion of Informatics, Culture and Coexistence (Udruga IKS) was founded in March 2003 in Petrinja, Croatia, by a group of young enthusiasts who wanted to initiate positive changes in the post-war community.

The organisation focuses on:

  • strengthening socially vulnerable and marginalized groups (long-term unemployed, young people with fewer opportunities, single mothers, unemployed women, women 45+, people with disabilities, members of national minorities and other socially vulnerable groups on the margins of society);
  • implementing non-formal education programs (seminars, workshops, courses);
  • empowering and educating young people for career development in the civil sector
  • encouraging the social integration of vulnerable groups
  • organising public hearings, promotional activities, forums, events (theatre performances, screenings, exhibitions, festivals)

Their Mission : To empower citizens by developing a sense of responsibility and using the initiative to inspire the wider community.

UDRUGA IKS and Montessori Group are working together to raise the quality of provision of education for children and young people through development of workshops and projects to benefit the community, and recognise the Montessori-inspired practice that is at the heart of these social initiatives.

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“Our vision is a humane, democratic environment in which Association IKS acts as a generator of changes and a stronghold of positive ideas. While doing this our mission is to empower citizens to develop a sense of responsibility and initiative for the advancement of the entire community. Our approach focuses on facilitating social processes and activities that are human centered and community engaged with the motto: Our community – our responsibility! Being offered the opportunity to learn and cooperate with Montessori creates space for the growth and spreading of this community.”