Financial Support & Bursaries

We recognise that committing to new training, qualifications or courses can be costly, time-consuming and, in today’s climate, potentially daunting for many people looking to begin their career in education or further their opportunities within the professional sector.

We can offer Bursary funds intended to provide financial support to learners undertaking Montessori and/or early-years specialist/ educator qualifications, who are encountering financial barriers to their learning. The bursaries are funded by Montessori St Nicholas Charity.

This Bursary funding is limited, often allocated on a first come first served basis via application rounds and is never guaranteed. It is important that students remain aware of the possible necessity to self-fund any balance or proportion of fees relating to their chosen programme before commencement of study.

Our Bursary application process includes the submission of evidence that our panel need to see and will evaluate; all evidence provided will be treated in the strictest confidence. Please see the webpage for relevant application processes.

Bursary Fund Application

Before completing the adjacent form. Please download the application guide below. Any questions, please contact

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    Why are you applying for a bursary?

    Evidence we need to see - all evidence provided will be treated in the strictest confidence. The evidence we can ideally accept is as follows (we require at least two of the following):

    Evidence of household income/ evidence of professional employment salary level or study / professional charges that are affecting the availability of funds for current course completionEvidence of an unconditional offer on a relevant course / being a student at the Montessori Group

    Two references (character/ professional) – if not already on file from the Montessori Group application processes
    Additional evidence of:

    having an assessment of additional learning needs or specific learning difference ORbeing in support of Disability Living Allowance or Personal Independence PaymentsOR being a carer or a care leaver ORreceiving Income support or Universal Credit

    Evidence of being an asylum seeker or the partner/dependant of an asylum seeker / having been awarded refugee statusEvidence of Discretionary Leave to Remain (DLR) or some other form of temporary status.Professional support statement

    If learners have difficulty providing any evidence please contact the Head of Education to discuss.

    Upload your Evidence

    If you have more than two files to upload, please consider combining them first before uploading.

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    “We are so pleased that the Montessori St Nicholas charity is able to support aspiring educators, teachers and early-years students in this way. We hope that this funding will broaden access to further and higher education, professional study opportunities or training for growth and development, for a significant number of individuals and in doing so, enhance the experiences of the children who will be guided and supported by the next generation of teachers and educators. The experiences of students as they learn and prepare to work in education can be greatly affected by their financial constraints, and so we offer support where we can to ensure that students have the best possible start to their experience of working and building a career in education.”

    Leonor Stjepic, Chief Executive Officer of the Montessori Group