Manchester Montessori Academy

Manchester Montessori Academy is a Manchester based training provider specialising in delivering Montessori Personal Development courses for childcare professionals.

The training is led by two Montessori qualified practitioners who both currently work in Montessori settings. Both tutors have a passion for the Montessori Philosophy and have a wide knowledge of the materials, which they will use to further others on their Montessori journey. We look forward to helping you on your Montessori journey.

Carla Heapy and Kelsey Perry, Lead Tutors and Mentors at Manchester Montessori Academy, say:

 “We are thrilled to be able to provide specialised Montessori personal and professional development courses for those looking to start their career in our sector or up-skill to becoming a Montessori teacher. At our Host Centre, training will be led by practitioners who have a passion for the Montessori philosophy and are excited to help others on their journey to deliver outstanding teaching practice. We hope the partnership will be fruitful for all.”

From October 2021, Manchester Montessori Academy will offer a range of MCI programmes including:

MCI Certificate Integrating Montessori Practice: Philosophy & Practice

MCI Certificate Integrating Montessori Practice: Infant Specialism

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