What We Do

We provide in-country, self-sustaining solutions for the delivery of quality education, training and accreditation – a future investment in early years learning.

Quality Assurance through Accreditation Services

MCI’s accreditation services validate and publicly recognise the breadth of high-quality educational and Montessori settings across the globe.

We have first-hand experience of a varied approach to accepted modes of education. Endorsement from MCI provides public recognition of quality educational provision that is innovative and relevant.

We also train future assessors to develop systems within their own countries, to maintain the highest standards and regulate early years Montessori education.

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Training Courses

We offer a range of training opportunities, including nationally recognised qualifications and professional specialisms, to both start new journeys and continue professional development in Montessori education. We write and deliver bespoke training programmes.

We can train academics to deliver education and training in-country.

Our blended learning approach allows a mix of online and face-to-face study, connecting students globally in a transformational way. Through our global network of accredited settings, which provide a public statement of quality, students can expect the highest quality of practical experience whether in their placement or practical workshop training.

Our tutors are simply passionate about what they do; providing quality teaching and supporting students through their journey every step of the way.

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Who We Partner With

Who we partner with

Through Montessori Centre International we help Universities and Governments to:

  • embed Montessori practices and teaching modules within current curricula
  • initiate robust accreditation and quality assurance frameworks and training
  • become self-sustaining in the provision of quality Montessori training

And we support Early Years settings, kindergartens and practitioners:

  • by training teachers in the Montessori pedagogy and practice, and supporting them to continue their professional development
  • to achieve continuing quality practice through our accreditation and endorsement services
  • in becoming Host and Training Centres for continuing professional development and other training courses
  • in becoming Beacon Centres, able to operate as an example of best-practice in early years provision and to support accreditation activity in their local area
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