Our CEO, Leonor Stjepic joins Kelly Ryan Bailey on the Let’s Talk About Skills, Baby Podcast to give her take on “Learning human skills through the Montessori framework” and to explain why the Montessori method is so relevant and valuable today. And how even as adults, we can employ Montessori teachings to strengthen our essential life skills.

Tune in to hear Leonor’s take on teaching children life skills at a young age, and why believes human skills should be called essential life skills because the often-used term “soft skills” does not accurately describe their importance and effect.

Leonor also talks about the impact that education and Montessori can have on a child’s life, and indeed her own life; employing people based on who they are as people, rather than what skills they have; and teams and building relationships, and the importance of being able to work with people you don’t like.

The podcast is available to listen to below or wherever you listen to podcasts.



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