We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the UK’s first International Montessori Institute, in partnership with Leeds Beckett University’s Carnegie School of Education. The Institute will have the UK’s first dedicated undergraduate, masters and PhD courses in Montessori education, the world’s first Professor of Montessori, and be a centre for quality research into Early Years and the Montessori approach in the UK.

With a focus on research and embedding Montessori methods into mainstream education, the Institute will put the UK and Europe on a par with the USA, where the majority of Montessori research currently originates from.

In addition to the Higher Education courses, the Institute plans to publish regular research, journals, and textbooks that support, guide, and inform the education sector, further solidifying the role of the Montessori approach in the UK. The Institute will be formally set up in the coming months and based at the Carnegie School of Education’s Leeds campus.

In providing a pipeline of esteemed staff and alumni, the Institute promises to spread the values of Montessori: a lifelong love of learning, respect for self, others, and our world to generations to come, and reach areas where a quality Montessori education is currently unavailable.

The partnership holds particular significance for the North of England and for Yorkshire. Margaret McMillan, nursery school pioneer and champion of free school meals, who was significantly influenced by Montessori, also worked extensively to improve education in Bradford. Now, in 2020, historic ties are renewed as the Institute brings a new cohort of Montessori practitioners and academics to the area.

The launch of the Institute is a milestone in Montessori history; one that makes sense in the current climate with the national drive to ‘build back better’ and happily coincides with the 150th anniversary of Maria Montessori’s birth.

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