The International Montessori Institute held its inaugural ‘Into Montessori’ event in June 2021. This annual event provides those involved in Early Years and Primary Education with a wealth of information from a range of specialist speakers as well as the opportunity to celebrate educators’ practice and achievements. Through a range of opportunities, key issues and big ideas in contemporary Early Years and Primary Practice are explored and discussed in the context of the Montessori approach.

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Into Montessori Conference 2021


  • Welcome from Leonor Stjepic and James Archer
  • Professor Catherine McTamaney – A Journey into Montessori
  • Professor Dame Alison Peacock – Learning without limits: A professional response
  • Interview – Exploring Journeys into Montessori part 1
  • Dr Julian Grenier – The 2020 revision of Development Matters and the contribution of the Montessori philosophy in contemporary Early Years practice
  • Interview – Exploring Journeys into Montessori part 2
  • Dr Jonathan Barnes – Happiness matters: Towards a pedagogy of happiness and well-being – drawing on the wisdom of Dr Montessori
  • Q&A – A chance for your questions to be put to our panel
  • Anne Longfield – Building back better, educational imperatives in a post-COVID-19 world
  • The International Montessori Awards 2021


Dr Catherine McTamaney
Dr Catherine McTamaneyAward-winning teacher and author including two books on Montessori education and compassionate teaching
Professor Dame Alison Peacock
Professor Dame Alison PeacockCEO of the Chartered College of Teaching Dr Julian Grenier: headteacher of Sheringham Nursery School and Children’s Centre in Newham, east London
Dr Jonathan Barnes
Dr Jonathan BarnesWorked in primary and secondary schools both in the UK and overseas and has written several widely-used books on cross-curricular approaches
Anne Longfield
Anne LongfieldA notable campaigner for children who recently served as the Children's Commissioner for England
James Archer
James ArcherDirector of the International Montessori Institute
Leonor Stjepic
Leonor StjepicChief Executive of The Montessori Group