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New Centres – coming soon

We welcome applications and proposals from prospective Host Centres throughout the year and work closely with managers, directors and tutors to develop their course provision and learning support networks ready to launch their range of MCI courses and qualifications. In the coming months we look forward to supporting new course delivery and promoting open applications to a number of new centres including:

Vincerola, Germany – a bilingual Montessori kindergarten with day nurseries and preschools in Cologne and Aachen, Germany. Vincerola is a well-established and highly respected provider of care and education for children from the age of six months until school age. Fully committed to staff training, investment and development, Teacher Training, CPD and wider qualifications for the sector will be an important component of Vincerola’s provision going forwards. We look forward to working more closely Marvin Reyes and his team.


Rushbrook Primary Academy, Manchester – a warm and welcoming school serving a broad community where families and staff work together to ensure that all children achieve their potential. Staff development and community training opportunities have the potential to make a significant difference to the provision within the school and we look forward to supporting this development for the local area.


Montessori Centre London Ltd – a centrally located provider, with many years of experience in operating a range of settings and supporting a full complement of early years staff. Keen to support a full range of training and qualifications for those looking to enter and maintain their work within the early years sector, professional development and Diploma courses will be available across London in the coming months.