Montessori Centre International (MCI) is one of the world’s leading providers of Montessori training to meet the needs of the Educators and specifically Early Years communities in the UK and around the world. To date, we have trained over 9,000 Montessori educators worldwide.

At MCI we remain focussed on ensuring that high-quality training is available regionally and internationally with training and delivery supported by our range of Host Centres and Beacon Centres across the globe. We are pleased to see that so many of our graduates, networks of individual nurseries or home-based practitioners, are now expanding, offering high-quality, child-focussed practice and are offering a vital educational service to their communities. Many of our practitioners and partners have now developed into secure, long-term educational providers for teacher training and aligned courses. These Centres work extremely hard to maintain standards of delivery and assessment that are valuable and trustworthy within the MCI community.

We also work with a wide range of employers from a variety of sectors to support their own development of in-house training through programme design, delivery and consultancy, all inspired by a Montessori approach to collaboration, innovative programme design and learner-focused educational experiences. Our commitment to a personalised approach within our long-standing recognition and accreditation framework is hugely popular – we offer the STAR framework, as a marker of quality educational provision, a sign that families can trust as they seek out the highest quality educational provision for their children.

Our wide and varied community of educators, families and young people are vitally important to us – we offer free access to our Montessori Network, where individuals can learn more about Montessori, discuss ideas, share thoughts and experiences. We are constantly evolving our activities and communications within the Network to ensure that we are offering innovative and engaging insights and opportunities for collaboration.

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Montessori Centre International is part of the Montessori Group, which includes the Montessori St Nicholas charity. Montessori Centre International is the trading name for St Nicholas Montessori Training Limited, registered company number 06429337.